French Finds for Vintage Fans

Last weekend my husband hopped across the pond to his home town of Paris. Normally nothing can keep me away, I jump at the opportunity of visiting the beautiful city. However, this time I was unable to go, so sent him on his merry way with a long list of beauty buys to replenish my diminishing stash.

However, it’s not only the beauty buys that has us Brits hooked on France. In recent years vintage revellers have travelled in their thousands in seek of an authentic French antique or two. I became one of these revellers and hit the jackpot to discover my husband’s family reside in 14eme; a short walk from the Paris périphé (ringroad).

Image                         Plenty of curiosities to be found at a French antique market

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Let It Rain

And so it is, October is here and the leaves are turning gold. Who had their money on an Indian summer? Not so likely after July’s scorcher.

Although it’s all lovely and well to have sunshine and buttercups out for your wedding, a lot of people don’t realise that the most flattering light for photos is a cloudy day. Add to that a dash of rain and a pretty umbrella and there’s plenty of gorgeous photo opportunities.

You can shake the sand from your shoes but it will never leave your soul

When a friend called me at 8am on a Friday a few weeks ago I thought something bad had happened. My voice was a hoarse whisper, whereas her was a shrilled shriek as she told me that spine-tingling news…she was engaged!

I think it’s clear I love a wedding, and friends will say I’m a soppy romantic, so my natural reaction is to scream ecstatically and jump around the room, which I always do (honestly, ask my husband).
But this time it was different. This is a friend who I met at the netball trials in Freshers week – we hit it off and have been close ever since. So much so that I’ve been there through the ups and downs, Shakespeare has a point; the course of true love never did run smooth, I knew how special this was and how much this meant to my friend.

Beautiful furniture fit for a Boudoir

It’s funny how you wake up in the morning and never really know what will come of the day and who you might meet.

A business trip to Birmingham yesterday took me to a beautiful furniture shop at The Custard Factory in Gibb Street called Whatnot & Doodah.

The stunning restored antique furniture lured me in as it sat there in the shop window.


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A weekend retreat full of Bliss, Beauty and antique Bargains

It may seem like I’ve dropped off the face of the earth for the past year, but the truth is, I managed to get myself a brilliant job working for a Deaf organisation and am studying to become an Interpreter. As you can imagine, this is very time consuming on top of moving house, travelling China and South America while attending various sign language interpreter training courses. And on top of all that, the orders are still coming in for Once Upon A Detail.

Basically, that’s my year in summary, how about yours? This week saw me celebrating my second year wedding anniversary and it’s thanks to our wedding that Once Upon A Detail came about. Whoever said the French Romantic era is no more? My lovely Parisien husband whisked me away on a romantic weekend to Breadsall Priory in Derbyshire.

Welcome to Once Upon A Detail

Bonjour mes amis,

Welcome to my new blog about all things vintage and wonderful. Here, you’ll be able to follow me as I travel on my exciting journey into lending all my beautiful and wonderful details to hire for many a special occasion.

Once Upon A Detail is a closet brimming with beautiful decor and vintage touches to make everyone’s fairytale dream come true.


From shabby chic birdcages to quaint little tea sets, from whimsical wall hangings to great garden games, you create the occasion, we create the memories.


I’ll be uploading here on all developments, so watch this space, the website launch is happening soon.